Red Carpet Manicure

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Prepping your nails and removing the cuticle is the most important step to insure a long lasting manicure. Pictured above are all the tools you will need in order to have perfect paws. MEOW

1) Nail Polish Remover: If you have shellac or gel polish on already remove it by placing a cotton ball soaked in remover on each nail, then wrap each finger tightly in foil for about 10-15 minutes. This will safely remove the polish without damaging your nail. You will also use remover over your nails after your final top coat of gel polish to remove any residue. (There are products out that are specifically for this, like this one here however, I found that one swipe of regular nail polish remover works just the same.)  2) Cotton Balls  3) Sally Hanson Healthy Cuticle Now Cuticle Cream (I use this post prep but before applying the new polish) 4) Sally Hanson Instant Cuticle Remover (I leave this on about 2 minutes) 5) Buffing Block (Use this last) 6)  File  7) Clippers  8) Cuticle Nippers  9) Cuticle Pusher (one of the ones I use, has a really sharp edge to remove any stubborn cuticle clinging on to your nail then I use the nippers to cut off the excess.)


You will need a Gel Base Coat, top Coat, your choice of color polish and a LED light. I have the OPI LED light and really like how small and portable it is. My favorite gel nail polish by far is the Red Carpet Manicure Polishes. They have a huge selection of colors and my nails last at least 2 weeks without any chips. I use OPI base and top coat and don’t notice a big difference here when it comes to which brand I use. You can buy the starter OPI kit here although I don’t like the color or quality of the colored nail polishes it comes with as much as the Red Carpet Colors. I got the kit for christmas last year and have been obsessed since.


Nail Color: Red Carpet Manicure- And The Winner Is


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